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    Looking for AWBS design/customising

    Hi there,

    I own the domain and I want make it a hosting company.

    I have the following:
    Reseller Account (WHM, cPanel)
    Directi Reseller account
    Business Paypal Account
    AWBS License


    I'm very busy making the whole thing because of my other activities and I want to find someone to customise it for me

    So I need a custom AWBS template based on a template I have made already as you can see from the website. (

    If you are interested in designing the AWBS template please tell me how much you think this will cost...please bear in mind that we'll be working together on this

    Many thanks

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    Hi Papaman

    Do a search for this guy on here: jwebby

    He built an awesome template for a good friend of mine


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    I can do a template for you. Please contact me dorosh_ch [at] yahoo [dot] com

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