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    security for server spammers/hackers

    does anybody had any idea about a software that automatically blocks a specific IP after he/she tries to access, say twice or thrice, the server using passwords? after failed accessing, it will automatically save the ip and tagged as block ip?

    or if not, what other options do i have to secure a server from unwanted scripts.

    i hope to hear from you.


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    hai king620,

    Host Security / Physical Security means securing the server from unauthorized access. For that we can password protect the box with such steps as setting up a bios password, placing the computer box in a locked room where only authorized users have access, applying OS security patches, and checking logs on regular basis for any intrusion and attacks. In Host security we check and correct the permissions on all OS related files.

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    Yes, you can block IP address from accessing your server by using a Deny directive in an .htaccess file.

    Apache's documentation explains how to do this:

    For example, if you put the following .htaccess file in a directory, then it would operate on all directories beneath it:

    Deny from
    Deny From 192.168.55

    thank you.
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