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    * I sincerely invite your to ad. your hosting business on my website for 100% fre

    I new started a website . You can post your hosting business advertisement for free now. without any membership registratiion! Just click the link and fill your hosting details, click the submit button . It's done!

    Although the website is newly lauched, but why not? It's my sincere invitation from Ivan.


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    Ivan, that a good web site you got going over there.
    The name, however, suggests (at least to me) the sale and purchase of web hosting companies, instead of their hosting offers. Just thought you'd appreciate some feedback.
    Hosting Discussion - web hosting community.

    Is your company represented?

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    i got an error with trying to upload the pic - short URL service

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    Howdy, nice site you have there. I'm finding it has some probs in Firefox though, just a heads up.

    I agree with Artashes, the site name is a bit misleading.

    BTW, what sort of stats are you getting so far?

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    I also had an issue with your site in firefox. Other than that, nice site. Web hosting/design businesses can also advertise for free at

    The direct link to send them your listing is



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