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    Well, let me explain...

    I ordered an account with their promo:

    Got my server in 3 days, here comes the problem:

    1.) They put the wrong harddisk as stated in the order form. They put 80GB instead of 120GB then I complained... after almost 24 hours, their NOC said they are having hard time formatting the new harddisk (120GB) because there is some problem with the hardware so they need to replace the server instead. After some hours, server up and running but this time with some little wrong in partition but I said, oh well that is fine I can just symlink /var/lib/mysql instead...

    2.) The billing charged me 47 dollars for upgrading the server and for using the old server in 3 days.... what?

    I used the server for only some hours and I didn't ask to upgrade it? What the heck? and I said again, ok, this is 47 dollars only, that is fine...

    3.) After 1 day and some hours, the server went down... This is after I transfered 280+ domains... I emailed them and ask what happen? My server is down!

    The NOC staff said, there is a power supply failure and we need to replace it....

    What the heck again? I finally decided to cancel the server and ask for refund.... and this is what I got from billing:

    I am sorry to hear that you are canceling your service with Superb. To every customer, we require a 30 days cancellation notice (Service Agreement, Sec 1.2, but I will make a rare exception for you
    this time, and have your account closed on its expiry date, July 3rd, 2005. Thank you for using Superb.

    I think Superb do not care your situation even if you suffer from complain because of their failure...

    Their Network is the best but their NOC Staff and Hardware are not...


    Be careful in dealing with some providers like this.

    What now?

    I have 2 servers with Layeredtech and I am happy with them. I thought I can get additional server from other datacenter but I guess I am wrong...

    No one can beat Layeredtech in my experienced with them, they provide the best support and their billing department is great. They have a very trained technicians. Still sticking with them....

    To those who are looking for unmanaged and stable dedicated server, I recommend Layeredtech.

    Hope this will help others decide.
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    Yeah I have to agree with the LT statement.

    I just ordered another 3 servers and the setup times are great.

    For an unmanaged provider there support is unreal. Although I have not really had to ask any questions in such a long time now, I would not be the best one to say that.

    I do remember the FDC days when all I got was, sorry but we do not offer managed services was all there ticket replys.
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    Sorry to hear you had a problem with them. I currently have had servers with them for 6 months and not 1 downtime with them.

    Setup did take longer than I expected, but that was it. I've had great experince with them and their support has been fabulous.

    I've had servers elsewhere and these guys have done me right since I got the servers from them.

    As far as the billing issue goes, call them and I'm sure that it will get fixed.

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