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    provider with great hardware+backup

    Do you guys know any reliable provider who gives:

    - scssi disks raid5/10 (not 1)
    - daily backups

    I always see issues in other providers with hd failures, 12+ downtime to restore everything... Most providers use ide, cheap raid controllers.. this is not hardware for server, but for desktop pcs...

    I just need to sleep well in the nights!

    The network should be 99.7+, server not overloaded and monitored... plus all the standards.. 24x7 support etc.

    I know of eurovps, powervps(?)... anyone else?

    Plans should be big 5gb/50gb and reasonalbe price ~25$ (for 5/50..)

    The most important : WITHOUT OVERSELLING!

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    How about Raid 1 Mirror?

    Also there is going to be overselling with 5gb/50gb for $25.
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    Unfortunately, it always works like this in my experience

    Ultra high reliability = Expensive hardware + Expensive network

    Ultra high reliability + 24 hour support + daily backups = Cost - Overselling

    If you could find what you're looking for at that price range I'd be very interested. Divide the resources by 5 at the same price and you might have a shot.

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    A RAID 10 provider is expensive. Economics of SCSI RAID storage are different, completely different than SATA storage.

    There are dozens of providers in Europe that will be able to easily meet these requirements, but pricing is higher than what may be expected.

    Since it sounds like you need a serious provider, I would advise against going with any SATA/IDE based solution.

    Best of luck
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