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    [Free] Banner Advertisments.

    I am looking to do a few free banner advertisments for the first couple of people to private message me in order to widen my portfolio, and have someone to give refrence of my work, and there dealings with me.

    If you are interested, Please private message me the following information.

    1. Name of Web Site
    2. Color scheme
    3. Any Slogans
    4. Description of the message you want on the banner
    5. Any additional items you would like to include.

    This is for a limited number of people, probably around 3 - 5 people. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you.

    Kind Reguards,

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    Did you get my previous PM?
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    Yes, I sent you a email.


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    I do not have a portfolio, that is what I am trying to develop. However, This is a free offer so there is nothing that could be of a loss to you.

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    i dont have PM option here, can u give me ur email so i can mail u my requests?

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    can you make me an animated banner advertisement which says "Want to have an Online store in just 1-2 days with full e-commerce features for only $200" Please fit the design into my website

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards

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    I would love a slot if available!!

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    I have done several banners, I am willing to do a few more however. Please contact me via aim at theinvention03.

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    sent email.

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    This offer is no longer available. It was a pleasure working with those I was able to work with. I hope you are happy with my work. Thanks.

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    I am no longer doing this offer, however I have had some people still interested. I am now offering 468x60 banners for as low as $2 per banner without animation, and $3 with animation.

    A View Examples (More can be Provided upon request):

    -468x60 Animated: $3 per banner
    -468x60 Non-Animated: $2 per banner

    Buy 5 and get one free!

    I will only accept paypal.

    The turn around should be less than 1 day, If contacted tonight it should be less than 3 hours.

    This is limited to 10 slots.

    Contact Me:
    Aim: theinvention03
    MSN me: [email protected]

    Or you may private message me

    Thank you for your interest.

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    do you have more examples?

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    Yes, More examples can be provided. Please private message me, or catch me on a instant messenger if you are interested.

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    im still at work so therefore i cant msg you, i will try later tonight or if you want leave me a pm here. i am interested in seeing animated examples

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