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    Question Need Help with DNS in Cpanel


    I just installed Cpanel in my new server now the problem is with my DNS Im trying to set it up but it is not working out for some reason I registered my name servers but the host name that I add to the server is not resolving at all. Does anyone know where I can find information on how to set up DNS on Cpanel? I checked there website but the info that they have there did not show how to do it, it just showed where is the DNS setup at. Or do anyone now some one that I can pay to check it out and set it up.

    Thank You

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    When did you register the nameservers and setup the hostname on your domain?

    If just done today - it may just need to propagate. cPanel won't add it unless it's resolving to the server.

    If you'd like - you can PM me your domain/namerservers/hostname and IP's they should be pointing to. I'll do my best to assist you - I don't really feel up to messing with someone elses box today. I've got a cold

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    I did it 2 days ago. See Im new to DNS so I dont really know if I have it correct or not. But I did register my domain name and up my domain name 2 my ip address and name servers

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    sorry to jump in your thread but, i'm curious, so as long as your domain name resolves to the server ip you can setup nameservers right? like get some IPs from your host and just assign it to the nameserver and get your host to reverse dns? i'm new so this is what i'm guessing cuz i had trouble setting it up also

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    well what I did, I set up my domain name where I bought it at. I set both name servers to my ip address so I had to do to my primary IP and to my secondary IP. Thats what I did but the broblem that IM haveing is in cpanel I cant get it to work with the domain name

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