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    java tomcat web hosting


    I am looking for Tomcat (5) & mysql (4) web hosting company.

    One of my issues is that I have a file for download at 20 MB. And I expect arround 1000 downloads a month.

    Consequently, I'd need fast link and plenty of bandwith.

    I am looking for a good java web host, I'd rather not try my luck with someone who does not know what they are doing.

    This seems to be hard to find and expensive combination.

    I did find some company's but I am just looking for some more pointers and or possibilities.

    Hoping for some pointers,


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    In good old fashion let me answer my own post, maybe someone will feel easier to jump in...

    These are results of my extensive search:

    * - great reviews, great price, enough bandwidth, VPS... as if something hidden is wrong

    * - great plan, dedicated guys, tailored to my needs

    * - bit expensive and really good reviews. Seem the best, I don't know why exectly

    * - know nothing about them, but the plan on site looks good.

    Any comments?

    I also have a question about link speed? Is that somethihng that can be realiably measured, and what are some regular speeds, and to where, my site?



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    We do not offer Tomcat (and I could not promote us even if we did), but I do know these guys do:
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