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Thread: Admin Wanted

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    Admin Wanted

    I require a new admin as my first choice, KernelTechie has gone AWOL, to manage an image upload server using CentOS.
    Person needs to speak perfect english, have good experience, and must be professional, as I will not tolerate a slack admin
    (If you know kerneltechie, get him to PM me).

    Required todo each of these taks:

    Inital server setup
    Kernal Upgrades & Custom Firewall Install
    Includes Basic plan Security Software Installs and Hardening
    Includes Intermediate 24/7 Monitoring & Response Service
    Includes Monthly Security and System Audits
    Additional System Administration
    Trouble shooting of all server problems
    Update and patch all server software
    Control Panel Installation & Optimization

    Please leave your monthly price in USD, web site address and experience.

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    I'd like to talk to you more about this. Do you have AIM, or Yahoo, MSN, anything like that? I'd rather talk to you in person for this.

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    I think we can discuss this.
    Please PM me your contacts.

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    I have more than 5 years of system administration in an Unix/Windows environment and I'm interested about your job offer. Because I'm new on this forum, I can't send a private message to you until I reach the 5 posts limit, so, you are so kind to send me an email, I'll be glad to send you back all the required informations. Thank you.



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    Thumbs up 24x7allsupport team

    24x7allsupport team consists of people that have been mastering their knowledge about all sorts of Unix / Linux systems for at least 5 years. With such experience we are joining webhosting industry in order to make your business grow faster and smoother.

    24x7allsupport team provides full dedicated server management services. Whether you are an individual, small business, or a Web hosting firm, we'll fully manage and administer your server so you can spend more time running your business, and less time worrying about technical issues with your server.

    applying the latest security patches and fixes protecting your server from hackers and viruses;

    upgrading software applications to the latest releases (Apache, Kernel, Perl, PHP, etc.);

    Installing/Setting up and configuring basic Firewall;

    tuning and optimizing your server performance; and

    solving any technical issue you might have in your dedicated server.

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