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    site review - site built by wht contest winners

    ran a contest on the forum a while back, finally got around to putting the site online

    most design by pictual
    most code by cameroncox

    im happy with the turnout, i realize opinions are mostly subjective, however feel free to fire away.

    some stuff is 90% done but i knew i would never finish if i didnt just go ahead and put it online


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    Looks very good but the blue background to the text below the '250 bits' looks a bit random mabye you should give it a border. Other than that the navigaion is very good and it looks good.
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    A nice design with simple flash effects is always a good way to go. Less load time for 56k users and effecting as far as eye candy is concerned. I have no problems with this website, did a good job on the color scheme. Looking good .
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    Looks very good to me.

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