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    * WireNine Hosting Community

    I would apperciate your feedback on

    Had a designer code it into our website design and change colors, etc.

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    Looks very good but if you click on the specials the link doesnt work.
    The flash at the top might be a bit big. Forums should be plainer but I think that your forum gets away with it.
    Very good. ow much did the design cost?
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    Thank you Bakie, fixed the error.

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    Ali, you did a good job on your website and forums, I wish the best man with your company. I hope all goes well in your future business decisions. Will talk to you later. Take care.
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    Thank you John, I apperciate the kind words

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    Few changes made, please comment.

    Everyone is welcome to join also, this is not client only forum. I plan on adding more sections in as the forums grow.

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