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    Big List of Sites for Sale...Text Messaging, Video Dating, AntiSpam, Jokes ++ - offers over $50

    Text Messaging site -
    • Send Text Messages to Cellular Phones

    • Timed Message feature send yourself a reminder for important appointments, or send a friend a message after they get off work or out of school!

    • Manage your friends and family cell numbers and email addresses using your contact book

    • Register for free and send FREE text messages to you and/or your friends!

    _______________________________________ - offers over $50

    Dating site -
    • We all are familiar with dating sites - this one has a Super Nice twist - VIDEO CHAT!

    • Get online and chat with interesting people - and TAKE A LOOK!

    • Free to join!

    • Easy to use Site Administration

    _______________________________________ - offers over $50

    Music/Musician site -
    • Music Artists can register to sell their work/songs - percentage % of the sales can be adjusted for what the siteowner gets, via siteadmin.

    • Handles multiple categories - rock, pop, rap, jazz, whatever! totally customizable

    • Play Demos for FREE, or pay for the entire Song

    _______________________________________ - offers over $50

    Anti Spam Email site -
    • Very efficient with eliminating Junk Email

    • Utilizes an authorization method, if someone is not authorized to send email to you (or they are on your block list, the program automatically deletes the email!)...dont worry- all first time emails coming in are presented to you for authorization - you create your very own block list!

    • Works very well, once approved, the persons emails come right into your inbox without interruption

    • The best way to see how it all works - check it out! The site goes into great detail as to exactly how the system works

    _______________________________________ - offers over $50

    Live Help site -
    • Membership site the offers you the ability to offer LIVE HELP to your clients

    • Provides real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on your site - with just a line or two of code!

    • You choose when you are available

    • check it out: demo/demo for the log in, you'll get a better understanding of how this works

    _______________________________________ - offers over $50

    Templates Seller site -
    • Similar in nature to the music site listed above, Template Designers can register to list their templates for sale - with the siteowner setting a designated percentage % of sales

    • Designers set their own prices

    • No Membership required to purchase from the site, easy to use

    _______________________________________ - offers over $40, BIN $69

    Affiiliate based site, earn 10% on ALL sales generated thru the site - no shipping, no handling the money and/or orders - just advertise the site, get paid for ALL sales!! Well designed header and footer, with attractive color scheme...These do quite well, easy sales!
    __________________________________________ - offers over $40, BIN $79

    Computer parts & supply affiliate site...5% on all referred sales...Newly designed site - with header and footer files, also have implemented google ads, and a rotating banner within the footer...All sales are handled by the affiliate - all you would need to do is change the affiliate ID number, and advertise the site!

    __________________________________________ - offers over $40, BIN $79

    Sweet Design and color scheme...Site with almost 800 jokes loaded (that come with the site)...has a tremendous admin panel for adding, deleting, approving jokes, as well as managing ads, etc...clean site...nice exciting color..
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $49

    Beautiful affiiliate driven site - earn 10% on all sales...Site sells Templates, Logos, and Banners...Clean design, just advertise and collect your check once a month!
    __________________________________________ - offers over $30, BIN $59

    Tips and tricks site with about 90 tips already the point and short name to remember!...nice admin managing the tips and all your advertising means, etc...also has built in rating system for the tips and more...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $50, BIN $79

    Great domain...Recipe site has over 400 recipes with pre-loaded and come with the site...makes a great community site to build traffic as the site promotes membership, where people can sign up (for free) and post their recipes so that they can keep track of their recipes and share with the can also be entered via the admin - very easy navigation, easy management of the site..

    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $45

    Encryption site offering $29 membership to utilize the software as much as you like...encrypt a link, or your entire site...easy to use system, just drop in your text/code that you want encrypted then click encrypt and there you have it...make one or two sales/signups and it's paid for!
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $50

    Spot on match for what the site does/or is intended...directions on installation processes...based from template, original content - steps people though installation of websites and/or databases...links to advertise service to do the installations (if they still cannot figure it out for a small fee of course)...nice looking site...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $30, BIN $50

    Affiliate driven RX site...huge earning potential (3-tier payout system) - 60% of all sales; 5% on all referral affiliates (people you 'have under you'), and 1% of all THEIR referrals affiliates...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $30, BIN $59

    Mind Boggling Riddle Site...Already included are several riddles stocked and ready for your site...very easy to use administration panel...banner ads to help generate additional revenue...

    Domains are at enom or godaddy - free push...30 days hosting if 'SOLD' to claim via BIN (buy it now)...please PM or post questions and/or offers...installation is relatively easy on most, though we do offer $10 installation service if needed...thanks in advance... - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    RE: we added a feature in the admin so that you can add as many gateways as you like, here's a screenshot of the admin, and a link to A list of gateways, there are probably more: - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    Current offer::: $300 - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

  4. #4 - $55

    Would consider offering more, but need answer to PM.

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    Current offers::: - $300 - $75 - $55 - $55 - $50 - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    Would you be willing to sell a copy of the scipt that runs
    Turn My Text - ˇspuǝıɹɟ ʞooqǝɔɐɟ ɹnoʎ ǝzɐɯɐ puɐ ǝsnɟuoɔ

    Computer Game Cheats & Codes

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    Current offers::: - $300 - $75 - $65 - $55 - $55 - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    What is the script for VideoDating?

    Is the script only, for sale?

    If yes, what is the requirements for this script? I would like to run this video chat thing for my own site.

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    25 for TopEncryption

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    Two days whiteout a answer I guess I will pull my offer..Thanks

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