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    Question Shoutcast bottlenecks? --- how many streaming clients per machine?

    Assuming a full gigE is connected to a gigE nic on the server (plenty of bandwidth) ...

    Where are the bottlenecks?

    For example, how many 128k streaming clients could you (or do you) simultaneously serve on X machine?

    (where X machine = an example server configuration)

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    It seems to me that the bottleneck would not be the channels's bandwidth, but the software/hardware(Cpu/ethernet cards).

    Theoretically you can serve around 7000-8000 simultaneous streaming cahnnels at 128kbits/s if you have 1Gbit/s channel.
    But theory is not practice, and the streaming channels would be less.
    This is my guess.

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    well for a small comparision i have managed to get about 20-30 shoutcast streams on a server with a 10mbit port, but when they were all fully loaded the streams starts skipping.

    just my 2cent, also arny shoutcast does not use much cpu time really, i hve about 30-40 running now and the server load barly breaks .3

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