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    Is there a dedicated provider directory by location?

    I have tried a couple searches here and after reading back about 11 pages on each search, I can't seem to find the aswer.

    Basically I am looking at deploying a fleet of servers across the world for a personal project and I can't seem to find a website or anything thats relatively easy to use that lists dedicated server providers by country, state, city.

    I know I have seen posts here listing provider and state which would even be a little more helpful, but is there anything that is a little more robust?

    Maybe someone has that thread bookmarked for me?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I have a decent understanding of what is out there. Let me know the areas you need, etc. We have dedicated server providers in all 50 domestic US states.


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    Area is dependant on fiber providers at their location. Its not soley based on state/country.

    I am also looking for global providers, but I can take a look around.

    For those who have PMed me I am looking for ThePlanet like providers.


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