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    * Banner Advertising on Free Forum Host!

    ForumsPlace, a fast growing phpBB hosting service with an Alexa Rank of 7648 is now offering 768x90 banner rotation spots on all of our hosted forums. For the month of June we are averaging over 600k pageviews and 10k uniques per day.

    These 768x90 banner spots (468x60 banners can also be used) are placed at the top on specific forum pages, as well as used an alternate to the adsense banners. We are currently serving an average of 125k impressions and 600 clicks per day through the phpAdsNew system. phpAdsNew stats are available here.

    We offer several options for purchasing banner space. Ads are available on cost per impression basis for as low as $.16 CPM while PPC based ads are as low as $.08 CPC. We are also offering monthly placement with a guaranteed minimum of 20k average daily impressions for $150.

    Visit for our complete list of rates, statistics, and to sign up.

    If you have any questions please drop me a PM, or e-mail to [email protected].
    - Steve
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