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    What does managed hosting really mean?

    I'm new to the managed hosting world. I've stuck with shared hosting to this point, but the time has come to go dedicated.

    I am no sys admin. Does a managed host take care of all server issues? Does each host actually have a different definition of the term "managed"?

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    All deponds on how much you are paying and who are paying

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    Managed Hosting or Server is defined as Insurance is defined.... in the details.
    It means different things to different people so details in writing tell all. - for all your Hosting needs
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    So it should be possible for me to find a fully managed server (meaning i don't have to deal w/ software patches/updates etc)? I won't ask for recommendations as to which company as that seems to happen daily here, but what are some things I should look for. Fees for patches/updates, etc, etc? Help a guy out.

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    Just look at the details of exactly what you'll be getting by the company's management. If it's not clear, give them a call or shoot them an e-mail, I'm sure sales will be more than happy to let you know.
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    Things to ask about the service/s:

    1. Initial hardening of server, do you or them handle it?
    2. If they do what do they do to harden? APF firewall install, SIM, SPRI installs etc.
    3. Management of posts/services, which ones if any and how often? Are services on the box restarted when they are down?
    4. Is the OS updated by them? Do they do kernel updates as well? If so do they have a test environment to test first before trying it on your box?
    5. Is control panel kept updated as well? What other apps do they install, monitor, update?

    That covers the basics, no one outfit is the same and most have there specialties, for example will keep CPanel updated with current OS but not Exim or specialize in FreeBSD and not Windows.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    Very helpful...thank you. That is the type of info I'm looking for.

    Any other advice?

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