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    Website content writer wanted


    We are after someone who can finish off our website content for us, while we concentrate on other duties. Having a host knowledge / background in hosting would be desireable.

    Please email or PM me through the forums and I will get back to you.


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    You do not have enough post for recieveing a PM. You need a minimum of five posts.

    I have over two years of experience in writing on a catena of topics. I never felt the need to make a resume.. But my website is being prepared and will contain my portfolio soon.

    I have written a lot for the web hosting industry as well. I have written reviews of web hosts, content, articles, tutorials, how-tos, guides, terms and conditions, Pre Sales FAQ, Hosting FAQ, CPanel FAQ, General FAQ, Knowledge base, etc.

    For samples please email me.. also let me know what type of samples you are after.

    Will be looking forward to work with you.

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    We have an extremely high-quality copywriter on staff, who can most likely assist you in completing/compiling whatever form of content you require. He has an extensive information technology background, and has created some very impressive text for a number of hosting companies. You can have a look at more info at If you'd like to discuss more in terms of rates, etc., please contact me.

    Net Logistics Web Hosting - Solutions Through Innovation

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