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    Custom unique professional and gaming designs

    Hi, My name's Russell.

    I'm here to sell me designs to some people, and to kind of spread the word about my new portfolio,

    this is a re-incarnation of my old 3nergy site which was destroyed by a malicious host, well wiped clean lol.

    Anyway, long story short, please look at my portfolio - if your looking for a designer or even just to browse, I'd love to hear some comments.

    My pricing scheme is VERY flexible and I work for both 'the little guy' and 'the big guy' so don't be afraid to ask as I'd most likely accept your application regardless of price.

    Alot of the designs on my portfolio are for sale and if any 'tickle your fancy' please contact me and we'll work out a price and any modifications.

    Thanks for looking, if you'd like to contact me use the following link:

    Have an excellent day!


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    are you a template designer on CT?

    either way, that portfolio looks amazing!

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