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    parking domains... i need help


    i'm about to register my first domain... a .com ... and would like to also park and add-on two others.

    but they are domains.

    so: (registered) (parked, brazil) (add-on, brazil)

    does anyone know if this is possible using GODADDY? or if not... can someone reccomend me a domain register site that can??

    also... where i register my domain... should i be looking for these parking and adding-on capabilities? or should these be actually up to the webhosting company i will be contracting?

    thanks alot everyone

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    Well, I'm not wearing my contact lenses today, but I don't see where GoDaddy registers domain names. Do they?

    I think that all this redirection and parking could probably be handled easier by your webhosting company. But you should check to see: (1) if they can do what you want; and (2) how much extra, if any, will they charge you for it
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    You can't register .br on In fact, if you can park extra domains is up to your web host company. Some web hosting plans allow you to park domains or have add-on domains(running as an independent websites.).
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    Didn't you post the other day asking about a band site with the domains? Wasn't it that only could register domain names? Or am I getting something confused?

    Yep it was you...

    Unless someone else can find somewhere that can register the domains for you, it appears that you must go through to get them.

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    I think you can park them with the help of your web hosts as adviced by 4solutions.
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    yeah that was me.

    i think i figured it out, but its what i WASN'T hoping for.

    i'm going to have to register all domains.
    .com at a something like godaddy or whatever...
    and at registro.

    in brazil, they centralized domain registration. and also, only people with a company registry... like a number which states they can open up businesses , big or small... can get a site.

    which is ridiculous, of course.

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