I am in need of a flash designer to whom I can outsource a client's flash project. The following is what I require the flash animation to show basically:

A bunch of bees are collecting nectar from flowers. Then they go into a italic style X shape to form a bee hive.That morphs into the interior of the client's mall...
This will be the main part of the animation. We may request you to add other small things as required.

For this project, I need a VERY good flash animator. You may post here or email me ([email protected]) if you are interested in the project. Your email must include:
1. Your name
2. Email
3. The price you wish to charge
4. Links to 5 of your best animation works OR a link to your portfolio

Rest assured your payment will be high enough as long as you provide the quality we need. We will go for the animator that gives us the best balance of design quality and price.

- Deathdart