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    Email Bandwidth?


    Just wondering about email bandwidth. Does your total monthly plan track/include email ? I see alot of reseller packages that dont list any bandwidth limitations on email, just on the web hosting side.

    I was thinking of offering mail only hosting for the customers that dont require web hosting. Seems like packages are designed based on features and space but never really see anything in reguards to bandwidth..if the host isnt tracking (me) then I dont want to worry about it either,..

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    Email consumes bandwidth (and storage).
    Email bandwidth is part of your overall bandwidth allocation.

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    The bandwidth consumed by bandwidth is part of the total bandwidth limit. However the amount of bandwidth used by email messages will be fairly small unless you or your customers plans on using email to send large attachments on a regular basis.
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    yup... as far as i know, the email usage does affect ur monthly bandwidth... normally webhosting does include email hosting, so how u gonna separate both ? i dun think cpanel has such feature right ?

    just give them the whole hosting account and let them use it as they wish will make everything easier, dun u think so.. my two cents =)

    good luck

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    In my opinion email bandwitch is not good idea...

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