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    Custom Written Articles for YOUR Website

    Custom Articles for Your Site

    What would this service be perfect for:
    • Webmasters seeking to add content to their website
    • Webmasters looking to optimize their website by adding content.

    Search engine optimization copywriting is the process where our professional writers produce unique and informational articles (or press releases) based upon your businesses industry, website or service.

    Instead of merely stringing together nonsensical words using a thesaurus like some programs do, our team of professional writers will write articles that are both informative for your visitors and fitting for search engines.

    There are essentially four main benefits in regularly publishing articles on your website:

    » First, with fully optimized articles, you will be able to rank higher due to the greater variety of keywords from the larger quantity of text.

    » Second, these articles will serve as promotional tools to subconsciously convince potential buyers to purchasing your goods or services.

    » Third, websites that are updated frequently with new and fresh content are given a better ranking than sites with stale and outdated content.

    » Finally, having a site with rich content will increase the chance of another website linking to you and result in greater visibility to your site!

    Q: If articles make a difference, why don’t I just purchase pre-written articles from the Internet?
    A: The answer is simple. Search engines rank sites with fresh and original content better than sites with hackneyed and faded content. Furthermore, search engines have a filter that eliminates duplicate content. This filter was implemented to prevent sites with the same content from maintaining multiple listings. As a result of such a filter, sites with duplicate content are usually ranked lower or even removed from a search engine’s index.

    Q: What are the specifications of the articles your writers will write?
    A: Our articles are typically:
    » Written about the product, service, or industry to which your business is related
    » About 250-500 words in length
    » Fully optimized for superior search engine rankings
    » Possible alternate articles include website reviews and press releases which will be distributed for you on a third party site (if you so desire).

    Q: Is the person who writes the articles the same person who optimizes it?
    A: No. In an effort to maintain a high quality of service, the person who writes the articles will focus on preparing an article that is catered towards humans. Therefore, it will be well written and informative to the reader. The search engine optimizer will then implement our strategy to make the article suitable for search engines.

    Q:Why shouldn't I just string keyword rich pharses words together with a theasarus?
    Aearch engines often detect spam by analyzing queries on web pages. According to Google's recent patent:

    If a document appears as a hit for a discordant set of queries, this may be considered a signal that the document is spam.
    Hence, by properly writing well thought out articles that are professionally written, you can rest assured that your web page won't be flagged as spam.


    1 – 5 Articles | $50 Per Article | Order Now

    6 – 10 Articles | $45 Per Article | Order Now

    10+ Articles | Contact Us

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    Previous work examples?

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    Please email me with some example work and search engine positioning for the article.

    Email me at admin @

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