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    As I mentioned on another thread, that I've been DDoSed before, and now I'm looking to move our site to dedicated hosting.

    Now for this I needed some place to move our site to and build up a technology demonstration for some of our sponsors. So I picked up some cheap place that I got off Google...

    Now as I've been asking every hosting company, about DDoS attacks, I asked Servage the same thing as well. I signed up for about 6 months (since I need it only for a little time and that was a small enough package). The next day (on Jun 6th) I get an email from

    Thank you for your email. Unfortunately we can not host the website
    which is being DDOS'ed. Please let me know which website this is so that
    we can remove that domain from your account.

    I have been forced to disable your account until I receive your reply.
    I never said I'm hosting that site on their service. I've replied over and over and over and over. They just won't respond!! I think I've been duped, at least thats the impression I'm getting. I should've researched them better, since now as I see, they've got no tel. contact mentioned anywhere on their site. So I'm like kind of lost on how do I get ANY response out of them.

    They do have some CVR number mentioned on their site next to a legal notice, what's that for?

    What do you guys advise I do now?

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    This may not be good. First, they are a Danish Corporation. I beleive the CVR number is equivelent to our US EIN Number or possibly their Danish Corp Registration number.

    The reason I say this is not good, is that the very first line of their TOS states that all monies paid them ar non-refundable.

    I feel for you my freind. It sounds like it is time to search for a permanent home with a stable company.

    Please let us know how you make out.
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    Also check out this thread here at WHT:
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    The thing is I do not even intend to use their 11GB/day bandwidth allowance (People have problems with their bandwidth allowance, and TOS clauses). I just randomly bought their service, since it was cheap. Just need to put up a few pages and not even release the domain to the common public.

    Just using it as a demonstration base, to attract a few sponsors. We're a small group of volunteers who got this site going and now its kind of big. I'm a reporter, but being the only tech guy, I'm working on this and so this was on my own personal charge.

    I'm just confused by their lack of response.

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    From w w
    The Central Business Register (CVR) is the central register
    containing primary data on all businesses in Denmark

    According to
    w w
    the telephone number is (+45) 75 36 79 21

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    They just responded!!!

    They're giving me a refund!! I'd like to move on, and forget this ever happened. Aah peace of mind.

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    that's great, Im hapy for you because many companies won't refund money.. I know that my friend's hosting isnt accepting refunds for damaged, they are actually accusing him of attacking.. Which isnt the best ...


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    In respect to our other customers we can not host sites which are subject to DDoS attracts. We have to guard our network and therefore we told you that we did not wish to host your site when you signed up and *refunded* your funds.

    It is hard for me to understand how you fell it is difficult to get in touch with us. You simply click “contact us” on our main page and follow the instructions on how to open a support ticket.

    You did however succeed openning a ticket and issue was resolved within an hour or so via our support system. Although we would love to be able to answer all requests within just a few minutes it may take up to a few hours for our network admin to reply in certain cases.
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    Yes, Stef, all's fine now... Although, my site was not prone to DDoS attacks. You guys just freaked after reading the word DDoS and didn't read the rest of my email.

    I think its the language barrier, nothing else. Good Luck, with your webhosting.

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