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    Cheap Opteron mobo/procs & Windows package

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, or if this is the wrong forum for this:

    Attend the AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour 2005 and you are eligible to purchase one of each of the bundles highlighted below.

    AMD and Microsoft are bringing you 64-bit computing at substantial savings! Use your bundle to build a demo system for trade shows, training, and customer evaluations. Act now by registering for Tech Tour and reserving your bundle. This offer is only available through the registration site, and you must attend the AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour 2005 to purchase.

    Desktop Bundle - Price = $250

    * — AMD Athlon™ 64 3200+ 939 pin processor
    * — Asus A8N-E Socket 939 motherboard
    * — Microsoft® Windows® XP x64 Edition

    Server Bundle - Price = $500

    * — 2 - AMD Opteron™ 246 CPUs
    * — Tyan Thunder K8SD Pro (S2882-D) motherboard
    * — Microsoft Server 2003 x64 Edition

    Limit one purchase of each bundle per person. Bundles are not for resale. Pre-ordered bundles will be available at the show for pick up. The cut off time to purchase bundles is 2pm EST the day prior to the show in your location. Bundle purchases can only be made online with a credit card. Only the purchaser may pick up the bundle and must attend to receive. Bundle purchases cannot be made onsite.

    You have to register and showup at the appropriate time/date and go through their marketing stuff to get the packages...

    June 14 Tampa, Florida
    June 16 Atlanta, Georgia
    June 21 Dallas, Texas
    June 23 Houston, Texas
    June 27 Irvine, California
    June 29 Burbank, California
    July 1 Sunnyvale, California
    July 12 Seattle, Washington
    July 14 Vancouver, Canada
    July 19 Boston, Massachusetts
    July 21 East Brunswick, New Jersey

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    i purchased... Deal like that I couldn't pass up..

    Goin to the Sunnyvale one..

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    I don't like you.

    I missed the Toronto one it was on Monday.
    Can't we all just get along

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    I'll likely be going to the Sunnyvale one too...

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    Just registered for the Boston show .

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    Just got my girl to sign up and pre purchase.. heh...

    What kinda case would be good with this mobo/cpu combo? Also any recommendations on heatsinks would be nice... Does supermicro make cases for this mainboard?

    (I've not used an opteron and don't claim to know everything about AMD.)

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    Just signed up... And just when I needed to save some $ :/
    Dual Opterons here I come
    Looking for GameServer Domains ???
    I have ALOT of them !!!
    PM me if interested.

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