View Poll Results: Would you feel safe paying for a LT server a year in advance?

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    Question Would you pay for a server at LT for a year?

    This is an open question and directed at a particular provider - LayeredTech.

    Would you pay a year in advance at LayeredTech?

    I'm looking for others views on their business model etc from other dedicated providers points of view, because although I already have servers there and the service is great, the pricing is an absolute steal and i'm wondering how workable people think it is in the long-term.

    Thanks in advance for your comments and opinions.

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    I think LT has their act together. There is risk with any company but I would suggest lower risk with them than many as they don't seem to have more roots and more permanence (sp?) in that location.

    If you can afford it, I would go for it.
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