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    Dell 3.4 P4, 1G RAM, 80GB SATA starting at $134. Cabinet+100Mbps $1099

    Colo4Dallas has just received a new shipment of Dell 3.4 P4s. While supplies last you can sign up here These servers are available on our premium BGP network utilizing 100% Cisco routers and switches.

    Dell 3.4Ghz P4
    1G RAM
    80G SATA
    1000GB transfer

    $134/month with a $199 install
    $164/month with $0 install
    Add Cogent 20Mbps unmetered to any dedicated server for $150/month. Put "Cogent unmetered" in the order comments.

    As always, your servers will be in the Colo4Dallas datacenter staffed 24/7 by technicians offering unmatched tech support. Colo4Dallas offers a 15 minute reboot guarantee no matter what time of day it is.

    We also have a special on all unmetered Cogent connections. Sign up for any cogent-only product from our American Web Host site and receive an upgrade to the next higher package for the first 2 month. For example, sign up for a Cabinet with 50Mbps for $1099 and get the 100Mbps for the first 2 months. After the initial 2 month period you have the choice of keeping the 100Mbps product or going back to the 50Mbps product. This special will last through June 22, 2005.

    full cabinet and 20Mbps for $599 first 2 months
    full cabinet and 50Mbps for $749 first 2 months
    full cabinet and 100Mbps for $1099 first 2 months

    1 year term required.

    Existing customers can get a connection added under the same plan.
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    I've got a server @ Colo4Dallas (One of the older P4 2.8 setups). It's been a great experience, still have that same server there and intend keeping it for a very long time.
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    Does this apply for the 100Mbps cabinet? I.e. if we purchase a 100Mbps cabinet, do we get 200Mbps for the first 2 months?
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    It wasnt the intention of the offer, but I will do it for the first 2 customers that sign up for it.
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    After the 2 month period, what will the cost be for the 100Mbps cabinet if you choose to keep it?

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    You can view all of the plans here . You can pay $1099 for the first two months then increase the billing to $1599 (still an incredible deal) or you can lower the cap to 50Mbps. I have had several people comment that they like the higher bandwidth for the first two months to help them move over from the current provider. That is fine with us.

    I have also had several questions about adding cross-connects to additional cabinets. You can get additional cabinets for $500 with 20 amps power and 2 cat 5 cross-connects back to your initial cabinet. You can even get cross-connects to other cabinets in the facility. If you have a buddy that is a customer just get a cat 5 cross-connect over to him.

    You can also add additional power at $8/amp. There is no limit to the power or cross-connects you can purchase with a cabinet. This is not like some other offers where they offer a great rate on the bandwidth, but limit the power or space so you cant use it.

    Dont overlook the single server pricing. You can do a single 100Mbps server for $699 for the first 2 month, then $1199. That is less than $7/Mbps.
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    Nice offers Paul! I have a cabinet with C4D and these guys are First Class all the way. I would reccomend Colo4Dallas to anyone looking for a killer DC with great support.

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    The special also includes tower racks for the same price as cabinets.

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    Is there cPanel?

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    We offer Plesk, Helm and DirectAdmin. You can buy Cpanel from a third party and we can install it on the box.

    Contact me via email if you would like to discuss.

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