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Dedicated Server With Full Control & Full Root Access Self Managed.

• Located in Savvis Data Center 99.9% Network Uptime.

Dedicated Server Base System Configuration:

• 80GB IDE Hard Drive
• Bandwidth: 1000GB
• IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
• Private VLAN
• Basic Resource Monitoring
•Centos 3.4 Cpanel/WHM Fantastico*
• 15 Minute Reboots
• 100% Self Managed and Dedicated

$90.00 per month with no setup charges & no contract.

Note: This server will require the user to have knowledge of cpanel & linux as it is unmanaged & support is limited to hardware issues & reboots unless managed services are purchased.

Available Add Ons

• Second 80 GB Hard Drive add $25.00 Month

•Memory Upgrade to 1gig add $20.00 Month

•RV Skin add $59.00 one time per year.

•Full Server Management Including 24 Hour Monitoring & Reboots, Server Hardening, Server Maintenance, Software Upgrades & Troubleshooting Including Cpanel & WHM Issues add $35.00 Month

See below for details on what is included with the optional managed services.


24x7x365 (5 minute interval) Server Monitoring with Reboot
If your server is down, we will reboot the server on your bahalf.
Backend Server Software Upgrades
Apache, PHP, Exim, CPanel, etc....
WHM/CPanel Technical Issues
Initial Server Setup
If you have a new server, we'll setup and configure the server
completely from scratch to get the server ready for your use!

System Security, Optimization and Hardening-

CHKRootKit - a simple program that detects and hacker software
and notifies you if any has been detected via email
RootKit Hunter - scanning tool to ensure your system does not
have any backdoors or exploits
Securing and Upgrading of SSH Server- change ssh access to a
random port as well as disable telnet & direct root login. A legal message
will be added as well a san e-mail notification sent any time there is a
root login.
APF Firewall - the most commonly used policy based iptables
firewall system
Anti-DOS configuration for APF Firewall
BruteForceDetection - notifies you of authentication failures &
attempted password gueessing hack attempts.
Log Analysis Software Installation - Emails are dispatched daily,
the amount of detail in the emails can be changed on request
System Integrity Monitor - 24x7 Internal Monitor that checks all
services and restarts them if they are down
SPRI - changes the priority of different processes in accordance
to level of importance, hence increasing server performance
Apache HTTP optimization
MySQL optimization
Removal of unused software - prevents exploits and wasted
TMP Directory hardening ( /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm) - helps
prevents execution of malicious scripts
PHP Optimization + Zend Optimizer Installation- your PHP
applications will load & run faster
Exim & hhtpd.conf modifications to help track spammers- we will
make modifications to the stock cpanel & exim configuration that will help track a
spammer in the event you ever have this problem

Managed services also include support for any issue with the cpanel/whm &
linux environment. However we do not provide support for third party
software (that is software we do not provide to you that buy elsewhere & add
to the server or your website) is not included as well as support to your
customers or end users is not included. Support for installing your websites
or scripts is also not included