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    Decline Reason "Pick Up Card"?

    I don't think I've seen this decline reason in authnet before. Anyone know what it means?

    Transaction Status: Declined (Pick Up Card)
    Address Verification Status: AVS Not Applicable (P)
    Card Code Status: Issuer does not support Card Code
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    "Pick Up the Card" means the issuer is declining the transaction and requesting that you take the card from the cardholder. In a retail store, they would be getting out the scissors.
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    Yes, and any card that you pickup, visa or mastercard will pay you a small reward of around $50!

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    Too bad I can't pick it up then.
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    I did that a few times when I was about 16 and working in a gas station. People do not take kindly to that, but being 16 & that reward was a big incentive

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    That's why it's best to put the customer onto the phone to Visa/Mastercard where they will explain it. This usually makes the customer feel better... hopefully.

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