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    I am impressed and very greatful for the knowledge and willingness to help others on this site. As a new guy, I would have spent weeks researching what I found here in hours. I have another question. A basic question that I skipped having got caught up in the mass of hosting companies. What is the determining factor in choosing shared vs. dedicated hosting? If cost is it then I'm in, but if there are other issues, I want to know.

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    If you go dedicated it means that all the resources of that server are dedicated to your websites alone and you are not at the mercy of other users on that server.
    Shared means the opposite.

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    The difference between shared and dedicated:

    Think of it like a bus vs. a car, on a bus you have lots of people.
    Whereas in a car you only have yourself, maybe a friend or two.

    In the bus you have a higher risk of someone making a stink next to you (for now we'll call this farting ) whereas in the car your risks are lessened, solely due to the number of people in the vehicle.

    The additional people in the bus alone make the risks for everything higher, someone could go nutty and cause a ruckus whereas in the car: number of people alone lessen the chances of issues occuring..

    then again you still have to rely on the roads, stop lights, and a few other vehicles on the road.. (bandwidth providers, other servers that "could attack you", hardware/routers, etc.)

    Hope this sort of helps.. and yes - taking public transportation is cheaper and could be a great place to start.. but at the same time you could have some odd issues resulting from it.
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    shared hosting


    There are 2 types of hosting hosting.
    1) Shared Hosting
    2) Dedicated Hosting

    1) Shared Hosting is used to share one IP addredd for more than one website. If you type IP address of any webiste with shared IP address it wont open up. You have to use FQDN only.
    2) Dedicated hosting is used to bind one IP to one website only and you can have dedicated server also. So you can use IP address and FQDN both to browse website.

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    You are starting out, so go shared.
    Running a dedicated machine is hard for a newbie.

    Shared hosting isn't exactly 'shared'- it doesn't mean other people can just go in and change your site . Each user on the server has his own private directories, emails, databases etc.
    The only thing is other users can slow do the server if they are using it incorrectly.

    Dedicated gives you complete control of what happens.
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    Well, if you are starting out, just like thomas7 said, go shared. If you want to have a website where a lot of people will be going, just for information. Go shoared, if you want to have a server of your own, go dedicated, lol. It is as simple as that, for the most part people do go shared so, if you are starting out you know what to do :-D
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