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    sendmail not able to deliver mail in mailbox

    I have mandrake sendmail.12.X. but sendmail is not able to deliver mail in user mailbox. Mails are sticking in the mail queue and its status is saying "alias database unavailable"

    what might have go wrong here??

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    You need to install procmail.

    if you have procmail things should work.

    rpm -qa | grep procmail

    if you see it displayed after that command that means that it is installed.

    [[email protected] penguin]# rpm -qi procmail

    The procmail program is used by Red Hat Linux for all local mail
    delivery. In addition to just delivering mail, procmail can be used
    for automatic filtering, presorting, and other mail handling jobs.
    Procmail is also the basis for the SmartList mailing list processor.

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    hai varunbihani,

    A local mail delivery agent, such as procmail, should be used for maximum compatibility with sendmail.

    Courier expects system mailboxes to be in the users' home directories. If your system mailboxes are all stored separately, in /var/spool/mail or somewhere else, you'll need to use a local delivery agent such as procmail.

    Courier uses a filesystem lock on mailbox files, Courier does not support old-fashioned dot-locking. If you need dot-locking, use procmail or maildrop (included).

    for more details,plz check out this link....

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