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Thread: Learning Flash

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    Learning Flash

    What do you think the best way would be to learn flash? I can currently make simple templates on Photoshop and i'm okay with them. I would really like to learn flash to make banners and stuff which seem to raise the value of web templates.

    Does anyone have any good sites or anything? The sites I usually visit for flash tutorials are no help to me as they are too confusing and I lack some background information in the program to follow the tutorial properly.

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    I don't know any Flash tutorial websites but I'm sure you'll find one that suits you best if you keep searching on Google.

    I browed through this:

    and it looks pretty helpful. If you find something confusing, just don't go to another website, but try and figure out what they're talking out because obviously you can; don't be lazy!
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    Try video tutorials from

    It's match better than reading stuff.....

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