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    IRC Dedicated Server


    I need to find a DC that has windows servers that can host IRC servers. Basically hosting the actual chat server itself and thats about it. The website and the chat pages are kept external.

    I realise alot of networks no longer accept irc servers due to the massive security risks that have been experienced in the past, however a few out there still do.

    Does any one know of anywhere where irc window servers are available?

    Ryan Hellings
    Nayble Hosting :: Not Just A Company, But A Community & Http://

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    not sure about windows but here are a few providers: (EU) (US) (US) (US) (US) (best in my opinion)

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    Sagonet is good for lower costs, but don't have much in the way of filtering. If you have a little extra to spend (in some cases, a extra $10/mo), staminus provides -amazing- filtering on their network, upwards of a couple Gbit filtering i think now.

    We've been with them for almost 10 months now, and have been having a fantastic time

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    Lightbulb GigeServers

    GigeServers is awesome! Their DDOS protection is great!

    ~ Matt
    ~ GigeServers for DDOS-Protected Dedicated Servers ~ ~

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    I would vote gigeservers too. Their filtering is the best in the industry.

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    Do you require the filtering or are you just looking for a low cost server that will allow you to run IRC? If you have the budget go with Gigeservers. If not there are many other options out there which allow irc.
    Ryan Dubois
    Director of Sales
    Hostbusters Web Solutions

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    I vote staminus! Great for the price.

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