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    Question can laptop as server?

    Not for business. For my friends and myself usage.
    it is possible run a server for 24 hrs?
    what happen to laptop? what are the disadvantage and problem?

    my main websites idea is for all my x-classmates and friends get together and chat, (forums) and (photo forum) which able to upload all their photos. what happen is that, if 30 - 50 ppl one shot online at same time, ( unlikely) what will happen? hang?

    does laptop able to install win2000 or win 2003?


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    the purpose using laptop is save electrically.
    my laptop have base fans for cooling.

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    So you want to save a few $ in electricity... the laptop is surely a few hundred $ more to start off with.

    While it would be possible to install and setup the laptop as a server, just like any other computer, you would be much better of just spending some money on hosting or getting a proper server.

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    I never tried to run a laptop for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    I have a laptop running as a 2nd server for a very small network and it runs 24/7. However, during the last year or so I have had 1 cooling fan and 1 hard drive crash.

    I do not suggest running it as a server if you can help it. I really wish I didn't have to use mine as one and I'm going to remove it ASAP. I would get a desktop PC as it would work just as well and is a bit more durable for 24/7 use.

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    A laptop is just a computer, with everything smaller and in one.

    I don't see any advantages, but the disadvantages are great:

    It is hard to upgrade
    You can have a much better "tower" computer for the same price
    It's lifetime is shorter
    It's harder to keep it cool

    The laptop can install any OS a desktop can. - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    I keep my laptop on almost all the time, and it has yet to malfunction.

    A laptop can function just like a desktop, but I don't understand why you should sacrifice the power and durability of a desktop and use a laptop instead...
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    Wouldnt it be harder to recover the data off of a laptop hard drive?

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    Equally hard. Infact, if it involves physically removing a hd, for me, taking out a laptop hd is much easier, just unscrew bottom and pull out - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    If you're looking to save a quick buck without purchasing any new equipment, then a laptop will be ideal for you. 50 users on a forum all at once is not anything particuarly load heavy, so yes it wil cope just fine

    I leave my laptop on 24/7, its a modern laptop and keeps fairly cool so its great, I wouldn't use it for heavy server use though.

    You may get a year or 2 of constant use before problems start occuring, its good as it already has a battery supply and no additional hardware is needed for your wants. However if this is not a short term soluton, a desktop will be prefferable, as like everyone said, its suited to staying on for long periods, easily upgradeable etc.

    Good luck
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    hell yeah .iam use toshiba 2400-s305 laptop 24/7.but not for sever.its for WOW.
    looking for good webhost

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    sorry , didn't notice alot reply here.

    what abt barebone?
    i try to search barebone consumption. no answer for this.
    Does anyone know the consumption for barebone?

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    I always figured laptops would make great servers. a) Built in monitor/keyboard; b) Built in battery backup; c) Small form factor; d) Low power consumption.

    However, I admit: a) I've never tried it; b) I really haven't put a whole lot of thought into it. However, it seems to me there would be some positive advantages to having a laptop as a server in certain situations (like running a server at home).

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    I kept my laptop (before I sold it) on 24/7 as well, had no problems at all, had it setup so that my KVM was keeping my laptop and PC setup with the same keyboard and monitor. In fact, there was a time when my laptop was up longer than my PC was. I think my record for the laptop was 3 weeks a year or so ago. I tended to hide it in my desk, and forget it was there until the time came to use it.
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    I always figured laptops would make great servers. a) Built in monitor/keyboard; b) Built in battery backup; c) Small form factor; d) Low power consumption.
    ROFL man you just made my day!

    Sure you could use it, why not If it makes you happy, put Plesk 7.5.3 on it and hook it up to a T1 and host!

    I've had a ThinkPad A22p w/a P3 900 for a longgggggggggg time, it usually stays "up" for a month at a time. Nothing will happen to the machine if that's what you're asking, worst case scenario you learn about the differences in hard disk performance between a 2.5" and 3.5" drive

    Good luck to you! Let us know how it turns out!
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    There's no way I would use a laptop as a server unless it was a last ditch effort when all else fails or just for testing purposes. A laptop is made for portability, not hosting websites or bbs.

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