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    Question AMD Sempron Question // Network card and connection quesion

    uhhh guys i was woundering, would this pc be good for just going on the internet, check emails, browser around such as postin gon this forum searching for things, going on msn and thats about it.

    AMD Sempron™ 3000+ 2.0GHz
    • 17” flat CRT monitor
    • 256MB DDR SDRAM • CD-RW drive
    • 40GB hard drive
    • Stereo speakers

    Solid performance: The AMD Sempron™ 2.0GHz processor and 256MB of DDR SDRAM provide the speed required to handle your everyday needs.

    Monitor included: This 17” flat CRT display features 1280 x 1024 maximum resolution, an anti-glare screen and the ease of plug-and-play.

    Audio and video support: The nVidia® GeForce4™ graphics card and 64MB of shared video RAM will yield solid graphics performance and gaming functionality. Six-channel audio support and two external amplified stereo speakers will provide plenty of sound.

    Storage space: The 40GB hard drive has plenty of room for anything you want to store.

    Get connected: Use the CD-RW drive and 3.5” floppy drive to share your files, music and photos. The six USB 2.0 ports will keep you well connected.

    Software bundle:
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition with SP2
    Microsoft Works 8.0
    Microsoft Money 2004
    Microsoft Media Player
    Microsoft Encarta Online
    Real Player
    Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™
    AOL 9.0 (90-day trial)
    Norton® Anti-Virus 2005 (90-day trial)
    McAfee Anti-Spyware 2005 (30-day trial

    PRICE: $520.00 + TAX total maybe around $580.00??
    Do you think this is a good deal on this pc?

    Now Im not sure If I should get this or not or if it would run pretty fast to just do thoese basic things. Surf the net basicully. Not a gaming computer or to play games or anything just to surf the net.

    I have another questions, hehe.... Now I already have a computer I contact you guys about that o this forum about a month ago, AMD 3200 64-bit.. Now I am getting the internet on it and a router on it as well, I have a question though if i buy this pc here and put a network card inside of it, would I be able to have it so then this computer here that i just showed you the whole specs how would i be able to put a network on it so its like connected to my AMD 3200 computers intent? Like I understand I have to get a network card and then connect it or what ever, would I be able to do this??

    Let me know, thanks in advanced. Any more questions posted by me will be in the following red color. Thanks guys

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    Ok so would do I have to install a network card on the Sempron? Or couldent I just got and add the intertnet connection the the computer has the internet too.

    Also what do they mean by, the computers join together so is like. If I upload something on one computer I can view it on the other? OR does it mean like, It just like shares the Internet?

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    To address your question if it's adequate to do what you said, it is for sure. However, i'd get 512meg ram if you plan to run a decent automatic virus scanner which u should have if you are on the internet. Good luck!

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    What kind of virus scanner do you think i should use that would be very very good? I was thinking of PestPatrol with, maybe MacAfe

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