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    Selling Premium Sitewide Banner Advertising

    Site: -- A unique Nintendo DS news and commentary site
    Target Audience: Youth & Adult gamers who own and play video games.
    Daily Visits: 400-500 and growing
    PR: PR5 with several PR4 subpages

    Ranked #1 on MSN for "Nintendo DS" and we just broke through the Google Sandbox and we're top 20 on Google for "Nintendo DS".
    I've just hired a 2nd writer so we've got content coming out almost daily now.

    I'm offering unlimited sitewide banner impressions in the following ad spots:

    1) The 728x90 Leaderboard right at the top of the page. Your banner will be rotated with one (1) other banner.

    2) A Skyscraper on the right hand side of the site. Your banner will be rotated with one (1) other banner.

    3) The 468x60 banner right above the main content area. Your banner will be rotated with two (2) other banners.

    4) A 468x60 banner or 728x90 banner below the footer of the site. Your banner will be the only one in rotation there.

    Banners can be hosted by me and will be managed with phpAdsNew.

    Accepting Paypal payment only. PM me your site and banner URLs, and the length of time you wish to advertise (2 month max), and any other details.

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    Just to answer a couple questions that came by e-mail: I can give you a deal if you'd like to pay upfront for 2 months.

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