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    main domain on my server, subdomain on another

    hello guys i have a problem.

    i saw the other thread but don't quite understand. I'm a reseller with a server.

    My client 's is hosted on my server. He wants a subdomain to point to another server without affecting the main

    I'm using whm and cpanel cpanel doesn't have the capability, so i created another account for him in whm and "Edit a DNS zone" for ""

    now thats the problem comes in:
    1. i'm not sure whether i should be creating another account or should i edit the dns from

    2. i'm also not sure what to type in the "Edit a DNS Zone" as he only have the IP address (assume and no ns.

    so for the "Edit a DNS zone" for "" i edit to:

    Domain | TTL | Record Type 14400 A 14400 A
    mail 14400 CNAME
    www 14400 CNAME
    ftp 14400 A

    and i click save and:

    zone loaded serial 12345678

    Bind reloading on unix using rndc zone: []

    Zone Modified!

    but when i go to the page is still the one on my server?? did i do anything wrong alone the way?

    Sorry to be abit long-winded and thank you for your time.

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    you should edit the zone for and add an A record for to point to the other servers IP - the other user should be able to give that to you.

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    Step 1:
    create account on server 2 as a normal account

    Step 2:
    edit zone for on server 1
    add two NS records for sub as the nameservers of server2


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