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    cPanel Proftpd traffic how to monitor?

    On a server of mine I've been noticing sporadic spikes in proftpd usage. When this occurs the server load jumps to over 100. Doing a "top" command I see most of the top processes are from Proftpd. I'm running cPanel on this machine and it's hosting hundreds of customers. How do I find out which account is responsible for this? The log file is spread out to every customer separately so I can't seem to figure it out.

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    Do you see the username in the USER column when you run top?

    ps aux| grep proftpd

    That should show you which users are currently logged in and using the proftpd processes. You can also try 'last' to see which users are currently logged in.

    last | less

    And I know you said all your log files are spread out separately, but you may want to try this and see if it shows you any useful information :

    tail -f /var/log/xferlog

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    You may find that switching to PureFTPd will help with performance issues. I generally prefer ProFTPd, but I have noticed it can hog CPU resources under certain circumstances.

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