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    Template for sale.

    Hey guys, the following template is made almost entirely through the use of CSS. There are no graphics, as I wanted it to load quickly and not be cluttered. Given the nature of CSS, it is extremely easy to customize.

    Anyways, please reply to this thread or PM me with an offer if you're interested in purchasing it. Optimally, I'm looking for at least $15 (or enough to buy a domain name and some hosting for a month from a respectable wehbost).

    Oh, you'll get all the rights and will be the sole owner of the design (I won't sell to anybody else).

    Also, feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]



    edit: forgot to add, transaction would be over PayPal.
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    It appears that you also forgot to add the template link =D

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    Yes, how silly of me.

    Sorry about that.

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