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    Question What Script Does This...?

    Hello guys,

    I was looking around for script that do just this but seems that I cannot find it over the net. Hope you guys might have a clue of what script that can make different pages with different themes. Each of the pages contains only one category each.

    I already tried to do this with WordPress but somehow, the "Pages" feature can only creates one static page instead of dynamic (plus, you cannot specify a page for each category).

    Can anyone help me out here?

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    You need to be a bit more specific than that. "Different themes"? Do you have a sample of what you are after?
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    yea, this can be programmed over php.
    make a folder in ur base directory named "themes"
    then put your theme templates in there, labled like bluetheme1.html, bluetheme2.html, greentheme1.html, etc

    then in your page u want a dynamic theme (this is if u want it to change on reload)

    PHP Code:
    ['SET'] = 3// the number of theme .html files u have in one set, ex, 3 bluethemeX.html files, 1 greentheme.html file...
    $theme['NAME'] = 'bluetheme'//the theme u want to use for the page
    $theme['EXT'] = 'html'// the extension of the theme files (incase u put a .php, or .htm extension on them)
    If u wanted the content to stay the same for each page reload, youd do this... (in this area)

    PHP Code:
    $menu1 'menu 1 content. make sure to backslash the /' quote marks like soso they wont escape the content';
    $menu2 = '
    same as above';

    $body = '
    this is where the body of my page would go.'; 

    then in ur theme files, just put
    PHP Code:
    <?php echo $menu1?>
    echo $body?>
    echo $menu2?>

    $load = rand(1,$theme['SET']);
    include $theme['NAME']$load.'.'.$theme['EXT'];[/PHP]

    Hope this helps.

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