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    I am the owner of,
    For a background on the domain, I must explain the game.
    Battlefield 2 is coming out the 27th of this month, and is going to be one of the biggest games of summer 2005. And, if you know a tad bit of games, people abbreviate the game's full name, as it is easier.
    Example: Counter Strike: CS. World of Warcraft: WOW.
    Battlefield 2: Bf2.
    This is a prime domain, and I have received offers in the $x,xxx.
    This is your chance to invest in a great site that will grow tremendously when the game comes out, and even after the game comes out.
    What I am doing with the website:
    Downloads (Unmetered server sponsored by, Tournaments, Hosting for map designers and mod designers. In the future, maybe reviews and some other stuff.

    First day stats (and more) that the vbulletin was up:
    Day    Number of visits    Pages    Hits    Bandwidth
    01 Jun 2005    0    0    0    0
    02 Jun 2005    0    0    0    0
    03 Jun 2005    216    2843    19979    77.87 MB
    04 Jun 2005    278    2952    40634    125.54 MB
    05 Jun 2005    338    1919    34233    95.90 MB
    06 Jun 2005    451    2804    50907    102.64 MB
    As you can see, we are going up in stats by the hundreds of people now. This is a prime type-in domain. Several members have said they saw the site by just typing in "".

    What you would need to invest is money. About ~$600 is needed, and in return after we sell the website(Not sure when), you will get 20% on top of what your initial investment was. So, if you invested $600, you would get 600*.2= 120. So $720 back.

    So, if you are interested in investing, please PM me, or email Gameservers<ZeroSpam> (remove zero spam) SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY - We are not joking around.

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    So you're asking that we invest $600 only to receive $720 back in the end (which you don't even know at the moment) or did I misread that?

    If you could maybe clarify this a little and PM me more information, that would be great.

    Jeff Piper

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    That is $120 for doing nothing.

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    Investing 600 is not doing nothing.

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    I would be interested in investing in this site but it would have to be in return for some percentage of the sale, or something along these lines. As "ttiger" pointed out asking someone to invest $600 for only a maximum $720 return which is not even guaranteed, is a risk not many people would take.

    Equally, I see you are also advertising to sell the domain for a high $x,xxx value. Does this mean you are intending to sell it a.s.a.p? Is my $600 just to be used to bump up the sale value for you by several $x,xxx, which you will recoup in a few days, for me to only to possibly receive an extra $120?

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    Yep, I agree, I'd definitely be a potential investor, but I'd need to see a better return on investment, guaranteed by time.

    If I invested $600 and got $120 back after a month, I'd be happy. If I invested $600 and got $120 back after a year I wouldn't be happy.

    Give me some better figures, maybe a monthly percentage and you've got a deal.

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    I will be selling in, 3-4 months. Right now, I am posting it for sale, to see what is out there.

    What I mean by "doing nothing" - you just sit there, you dont have to work on the site.

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    If you're selling it in a few months how do you actually intend to use the Invested money? You already have hosting, and a free sponsored server.

    Most people can just take advatage of various credit card or new bank account offers to turn $500-1000 into $200 with no risk after 12 mo's.

    That is a good domain and certainly has potential if someone bought it and put a lot of work into it to commercialize it better for the BF2 market.

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    Site sold. mod close

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