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    [UK] Co-location

    Here at Multi-Frag we have currently got co-location deals ( hosted in Redbus 2 )

    ------------Rack Space--------------
    1u = 20
    2u = 25
    3u = 30
    4u = 35
    ----------- B/W----------------------
    1mbps Premium Transit 35
    ------------11u Rack Space----------
    11u Rack Space only 125!
    11u Rack Space with 5mbps Premium Transit 265
    ------------Half-Rack Space---------
    Half Rack Space only 185!
    Half Rack Space with 5mbps Premium Transit 325
    ------------Full Rack---------------
    Full Rack Space only 300!
    Full Rack Space with 5mbps Premium Transit 435

    About our network: constructed of Multiple 1000 Mbps fibre connections to many providers and peering points as detailed below. It consists of only the best equipment for the entire network. This includes Juniper M5 routers with Gigabit fibre connections and i-Series Extreme 6808 black diamond switches with multiple Fibre connections and Fast Ethernet connections. Our network also supports OC-12 622 Mbit technology on all the core switches.

    Currently our network peers with over 220 other ISP's around Europe and in America (New York).

    Our network operates on BGP4 systems with internal OSPF links.
    Our main Global Upstreams are from the following ISP's
    Company KPN Eurorings Level(3) Communications Telecomplete Ltd
    Link Speed 1000 Mbps Full Duplex 2x100 Mbps Full Duplex 2x100 Mbps Full Duplex
    We peer extensivly in 6 Countries at the present.
    Xchangepoint Europe 1000 Mbps London,UK
    Lonap Via Xchangepoint 1000 Mbps London,UK
    FreeIX 100 Mbps Paris, FR
    NL-IX 100 Mbps Amsterdam, NL
    ProXimity (UK) 100 Mbps London,UK
    ProXimity (NewYork) 100 Mbps NewYork, US
    ProXimity (Paris) 100 Mbps Paris, FR
    ProXimity (Amsterdam) 100 Mbps Amsterdam, NL
    ProXimity (Frankfurt) 100 Mbps Frankfurt, DE
    ProXimity (Ireland) 100 Mbps Ireland, I

    We have Route Swaps in operation with many ISP's in the UK, Paris and Amsterdam that result in us recieving almost direct connectivity from the following internet exchanges as well.

    Lipex 3x 100 Mbps London, UK
    LinX 1000 Mbps London, UK
    AMS-IX 100 Mbps Amsterdam, NL
    SwissIX 100 Mbps Zurich, CH

    Need anymore information or wish to purchase please email

    [email protected]
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    can you provide a IP to ping/trace.
    what is your company name and website? is hosted at 1and1 is there a reason for this?

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    Yep Multi-Frag is a new GSP coming online within the next 2weeks, which we havnt changed over dns over yet,

    Also you can ping the following IP's this is two both our networks

    and our website is ::

    It's a temp address untill we have our webserver back up and running (changing them over to our new network)

    if you have any more question please feel free to ask

    Regards James,

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    Don't you feel it is a bit mis-leading to claim all that is your own network? Technically it isn't, the only provider your network has, is TSN or OH (Presumably you're switching to them).
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