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    Question Critic asks :: BBC News Online wins Webby or Online Oscar for "Best News Website".

    Evening WHTers

    Yes that's right, it also won the "people's" award in that category too.

    Here is a list of the winners and nominees >>


    BBC News BBC News


    BBC News BBC News


    American RadioWorks American Public Media

    BBC News BBC News

    PBS FRONTLINE/World FRONTLINE/World The Weather Channel

    Wired News Wired News

    My question to you is, do you agree? Is BBC News Online the best online News service or website in the world or on the entire internet??

    As far as i'm concered, although i think they show a bit of bias in some areas of reporting, i don't believe that there is a better News website out there, not thati've seen anyway. If for some reason BBC News Online ceased to exist, i feel it would be great loss to the internet but i couldn't say the same for other leading providers.

    The Daily Telegraph's website is also vey useful for certain subjects, unfortunately some of the negatives i raise below also apply here.

    Sky News do run them close from my own personal standpoint but it doesn't ahve the same depth and quantity of stories, nor the archive system. That is where it lets itself down IMO.


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