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    * Where to web server images?

    Is it possible to download an image of a server configured for web hosting, which means it has added securities and removed unneeded junks like windows manager, games etc.

    I hope there is something to update Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl automatically.

    Hardward could be automatically configured, like in Knopix startup.

    If this kind of images do not exist. Is there an instruction on how to set up a linux or freebsd box for web hosting only?

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    You always could setup a server just with apache... and that could work good, course you could go linux like fedora or windows... windows xp or server 2003... such things..

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    Just look at the way standard hosting control panels handle the procedure. Directadmin is an affordable control panel that keeps alot of the web related stuff up to date, and then yum is a nice backend to keep server software and kernel current as well.

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