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The Tories today called on Sir Bob Geldof to withdraw his call for a million people to march in Edinburgh on the day of the G8 summit.

Shadow Scottish secretary Eleanor Laing told MPs that “the idea of flooding Edinburgh with a million protestors is simply not a good one”.

But Scottish Secretary Alistair Darling warned her that she should be “careful” in her comments, alluding to the resignation of her predecessor, James Gray, last month after just a week in the job.

She expressed her concern over safety at the Long Walk to Justice event during question time in the House of Commons.

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LONDON - Sir Bob Geldof called yesterday for people to "recreate Dunkirk" by sailing across the Channel and picking up French supporters of his Live 8 event.

His comments came as millions texted the Live8 ticket lottery for the Hyde Park concert. His "Sail 8" initiative will encourage ferry companies and small boat owners to cross one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes and transport people from the Continent to Britain.

Once on British soil, they would travel north to attend a mass rally planned in Edinburgh before the G8 summit at Gleneagles. Geldof said that he hoped coach operators would offer their services free of charge to help ferry the protesters north.

The cross-channel event is part of Sir Bob’s "long walk to justice" plan for people to travel to Edinburgh after the July 2 Live 8 concerts, one of which is planned for Paris.

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What do you think of the whole proposal and what impact do you think it will have?

Personally, although i think Sir Bob Geldof and his team ahve their hear'ts in the right place, i don't think they have entirely thought things through in regard to this "march" and crossing of the Channel. Not entirely responsible you might say, the way it's been gone about.I also don't wonder why Geldof and his supporters aren't calling for action in Africa right now, where it needs it most and increased emphasis upon improved governacne and resolution to some of the long standing problems which a clearing of debt will not cure.

Opinions?? Comments??