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    moved to new server, left some mail behind


    First, I just discovered webhostingtalk. It is the best resource I have come across in a long time. I wish I had known about it years ago.

    I recently moved the sites on several servers to new servers at a different datacenter. However, some user mail was left behind on the old server. Is there any way to easily move that mail to the user accounts on the new server?

    On the old server, each user's mail is kept in a single file. The new server keeps a file for each message (and, I assume, some kind of index). So, there is no obvious way that I could just copy the files over.

    The old server uses sendmail, the new server uses qmail.



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    does ur new mail server support the feature of POP retrieval from remote mail server? If it does not, you will need to request the user to download it to their local terminal using the old server IP as their pop3 setting.

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    We've had this issue with a couple of servers. Depending on the number of clients you have, you may be able to ask them to use IMAP.

    They will have to setup imap accounts on the old and new server and then move messages according.

    I've seen a few sendmail to qmail conversion tools but most fail in some way or another.

    I've also seen the approach where you use a script to forward the emails as an attachment to the new server.

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