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    What Am I Looking For?

    Ok, here's what I need.

    1000-2000GB Harddrive
    5000-10000GB Bandwidth
    Atleast 100Mbps.

    All it will be used for is for FTP purposes. I will need full control over anything to do with FTP. Is dedicated really what I need or is there something better out there for my situation.

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    Or maybe something like this...

    ● Hard Drive Space: 2400 Gigs (2.4 TB)

    ● Server Line Speed: 200Mbits (200 Mbps)

    ● Server Ram: 8 Gig DDR2 PCI 2700

    ● Server Processors: 4 Xeon 3.2 Gig With A 2MB L2 Cache

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    If this is just a file server, there is NO reason to get Quad Xeons and 8GB RAM. What is this server going to be used for and what is your budget? Your going to be looking at a very large RAID array setup and depending on what your using the server for, you can get away with using just big 7200RPM IDE drives.

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