URL: www.eBookDisplay.com

Age of site (months): 2

Avg. monthly revenue: 0

Revenue details:
I have not made a sale to date, probably because i havent done the right marketing for it, but it has Alot of potential.

Avg. monthly pageviews: 100-200

Traffic details:
Well according to the stats from the link below, ill be honest enough to say that the real traffic is between april/march (100-200) per month..the 5000+ and 9000+ you see in may and june were due to me placing my link on a game forum .... but it was not relevant so i dint make any sale.


This was initially a turnkey site. But i had hired a scripter to redo the ordering system. Previously you could only pay for all the books together and get access to a page with all the download links.
What he did was that he made it possible for a buyer to select any one book, pay for it, and get access to download only that book once. It was also very secure. Therefore the entire ordering process was changed.

Price: 55

Is an auction? Yes

Buy Now Price: 100