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    Criminy, I HATE MOVING!!!

    My father was an Air Force Officer and since 1968 when I was born I've been moving around the U.S. and the world every few years. I've been a Marine for 15 years and I'm tired of all the *%&# that I have to do to move. I'm moving to Japan in a few weeks and I'm in the throes of changing all my addresses for 1,000,001 different things I subscribe to and have to sell a truck, move my household, ...

    I just had to stop for a second and rant. I hate moving!!!
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    I hear ya Rich, I totally relate. It is just below losing a loved one in stress I think. Its a huge bitch and the effects echo for months and months. Here's to your success, you'll do fine.
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    I actually never moved when I was in the Air Force. Well there was Basic and then Advanced Training. I lived in the dorms when I was stationed at Vandenberg. When I married - I did have to move out, but I threw a big party & everyone pitched in.

    I moved more when I got out - from San Luis Obispo, to Santa Barbara, to Ventura, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas and now Encino.

    I do despise it though but I think you are angry about selling your truck....I know I would be!

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