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    Header designer wanted


    I'm looking for a header designer! Must be able to provide good looking headers for all kinds of subjects. Flash is not a requirement.

    I'm looking to use you for several jobs this week since I can't contact the guy who normally does that. Please post examples and rates per header here.

    Oh yeah, and I need someone one ASAP!

    Kind regards,
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    Please, I said POST examples and rates here, I've let the first three slip trough, but i'm not that good in remembering all your IM names.
    Next ones will be ignored.


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    Starting rate is 50 per header if you supply any photos (if needed).

    Portfolio in sig.

    Thanks for looking

    All contact information is on my site
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    Hello Thomas,

    My portfolio:

    Prices: $35-$70 w/out flash.

    Feel free to PM or Email me.


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    I think I found someone.
    If he can't do what i had in mind, i'll let you guys know

    thanks for your time.

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    I am interested

    I too am interested in case you feel the need in future......or you can say that the current results arent as expected......our rates would be $45 [no flash].


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