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    Rock Solid Host?

    Hi folks,

    I have a client who is currently on a legacy Earthlink hosting account dating back to the Mindspring days, and would like to move to a new host because of Earthlink's limitations (among other things, their Unix servers have no database options and major limitations re: scripting).

    The one thing that we like about Earthlink is that they are rock solid -- either because of redundancy or because they're vigilant, or for whatever reason, I have never, ever, seen this site go down. And this client cannot afford any downtime: an hour a year is too much.

    We'll be looking for a Unix/Linux/BSD shared hosting account with 500+ MB disk space and 4+ GB/mo transfer; PHP4 in a reasonably common config; Perl; MySQL; SFTP; raw traffic logs available; basic .htaccess config (password protection, error docs, etc); a half-decent control panel -- those are currently our only requirements aside from uptime.


    What hosts have people used that have good customer support and super-dependable uptime? (The 99.9% stats don't mean anything to me -- a farm with 50 servers can have a server down for an hour every day and still have that uptime, and I've seen it happen).



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    Your best bet may be to combine both their rock solid uptime with an outsourced mySQL server somewhere, does earthlink allow php?

    If so it would certainly be an option!
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    Be sure to check out the company from top to bottom and talk to some of their representatives some more to get info on them.
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    Thanks, HP-David... I suppose that's one possibility if push comes to shove.

    Earthlink does have PHP, but it requires that one use the .php4 extension instead of the .php extension, unless you want your script parsed with PHP3 -- which makes deploying and updating existing packages a real pain because file extensions have to be changed everywhere they appear in the code.

    Combine that with very limited .htaccess control, other configuration quirks, no database, and probably other problems we haven't run into yet because we haven't bothered setting up any non-trivial scripts -- plus a not-especially-competitive price (we're not looking for rock-bottom prices either, just not 1998 prices for the amount of space/transfer they have).... and it's really beginning to make sense to look elsewhere.

    Anyhow, I was hoping someone could recommend a host with an especially good uptime record. Maybe this thread confused people b/c they thought I was asking about a specific host named "rock solid" or something?

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